Cost of Starting a Reach Tax Franchisee are significantly less than most other franchises in the Food, Education and Financial Services space. This is Low cost franchise opportunity which only needs a little less than 1,50,000 Lakhs in most cases (including franchise fee required for start-up, start-up costs and comprehensive training).


Unlike many food and education franchisee’s, The Tax preparation Business has a return on Investment of over 100% and a Breakeven in as early as 5 months from the date of starting operation according to the plan.


We've devised a proven system for starting, managing and growing an income tax preparation business. Our Franchisee’s have grown with us over the years and we have learnt many valuable lessons to pass on. We now know what works and what doesn’t. You can take advantage of what we have learnt over the years.


Every franchisee has access to a Franchisee Support Manager to help them make their business a success. We do not train for a fixed period or time rather we train to make your business a success. You can have run the business with your own freedom and have the comfort of falling back to us for support.


Our easy to use Tax Preparation Software allows you to prepare your customers taxes in a whisk. You will be able to prepare taxes without any knowledge of the complicated tax laws and updation’s to the Income Tax Act every year.


Building a clientele is not a fast, easy task. The days when a small business owner could hang an "open" sign in the window and wait for customers are gone. No matter how good a product or service is, it won't sell itself. That's why we provide you with exactly the right tools and show you how to use them effectively. Our passionate pursuit of marketing includes our expertise in the areas of direct marketing and customer relationship management.


Around 150 Lakh Income Tax returns have been filed electronically every year and the number has grown by a phenomenal 80% Last year. ( See Proof ) You will build a recession-proof and scalable business which will keep growing every year.