Doing a startup is serious business. You will have to make some tough and irreversible decisions. Choosing the right Legal Entity is one of them. Please Read this post before you decide on the entity. It might help you choose the legal form most appropriate for your business. Give us a call once you are done and we will guide you!

    Price:Rs. 24,500/- (Inclusive of all Govt. Fees and Incidentals)

    Duration: 30 - 45 days

    Process Involved:
  • 1. You can call any of our Offices’s
  • 2. They will request some basic information from you
  • 3. We will request you for a payment ( You can pay online/Cash/Card/Cheque/Bank Transfer )
  • 4. On receiving the payment, We will make a DIN Application
  • 5. On approval of the DIN, we will apply for Availability of Name
  • 6. On Approval of the Name, Incorporation documents will be filed.
  • 7. You will receive the certificate of Incorporation.